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Highly publicized police shootings of young black men continue to fuel a national conversation on race.Groups such as Black Lives Matter have sought to highlight systemic racial inequality in the United States.Despite the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement over 50 years ago, many systemic inequalities persist — and some have worsened.An examination of educational attainment, wages, unemployment, incarceration rates, and other measures among black and white populations across U. cities reveals consistently worse outcomes among blacks.White and black incarceration rates have always been very different, but during that time the imprisonment of black individuals increased dramatically, and it continues today. By contrast, the incarceration rate among black Americans is 1,408 per 100,000 African Americans.

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In a recent publication, Wilson found that even when age, regional factors, experience, and education levels are controlled for, the wage gap between black and white U. Partially because these occupations and others were once “the kinds of jobs that would have been available to people with less than a college degree,” in 1979 the smallest racial wage gap was in the Midwest. workers is 11.3%, twice the 5.3% rate among white workers.

Today, racial disparities in Midwest cities remain the same or are worse than anywhere else in the country. The two-to-one unemployment disparity, which is even larger in some areas, gives a snapshot of the vastly different means white and black Americans have of providing basic material needs.

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