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It’s the versatility that makes this album, with neo-soul and touches of indie rock alongside trap production that all settles around her voice and her words, her fearlessness to say actually, this is a s*** situation.

On her debut, SZA proves that the dark times can be presented just as beautifully as the good.

Non-rhymes and that key change, possibly one of the most talked-about in music history, are superb.

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“Pay Up” is an outstanding, funk-driven riff off TLC’s “No Scrubs” or Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman”.Mike Hadreas shows the gentle, sacred love of a long-term relationship.Its sheer interpretability is what makes it so special, written by a restless artist during a number of different moods, the listener is able to take from it what they will.Where on he ventures deeper into his own mind, apparently exhausted by the pressure from fans, peers and critics to be this constant pioneer, offering up what most fans would identify as a “traditional” rap album to date, of course with his own, post-modern detours.Throughout the record he seems to tackle his own contradictory feelings about his status as an artist.

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