Who is eric lindros dating

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The player is long retired but has spoken on sports TV during later years ; and I promised my friend then I would never mention his name in this context.

He's another one that never pinged to me.r5 knew he was closeted, but didn't know about an LTR. I was shocked to see him pop up again in the aughts with a wife and 4 kids. I also heard that Mr Ballard took a personal interest in acquiring him.r26 just got snapped with a tranny who, I swear to god, I honestly thought was Del Zotto in drag. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets caught with a dick in his mouth. The player was a macho defensive linebacker and all top.

I will say that he was going through very rough times and those around him were being unsupportive.

We're so saturated with trans here, I thought of Jenner immediately on reading the last post. Popbitch blind (Uk newsletter - they've got several things right before)."Some of the people who work with which globally famous sports star really shouldn't be talking so loudly about putting bets on when he's coming out, should they?

Their families have known each other for 15 – 20 years and they both have cottages around the corner from each other.

Eric is seeing somebody else, and him and Kate have always been close friends for years and years.

I don't know much about other famous soccer players.

It was reported a local male sportscaster, allegedly Bench's lover, went with Bench and wife on their honeymoon, and stayed in the hotel room next door. So no matter what he did later, and I've heard stories, he was at least bi. Why not be happy and live honestly for whatever time you have left.

Nothing is going on, other than them bumping into each other up North. who knows if it’s a “friendly” relationship or if they are dating.

Awhile back--in one of the purged sports gossip threads--someone said Bill Parcells was gay. My former friend, who I haven't seen in many years, was a hot, natural blonde, twinkish, smooth, and well endowed.

Not in the closet because I was gay, but because I lived in San Francisco, and Sax was a Dodger Who must be the sport star r91 ? Globally famous sport start is usually from either Tennis or Soccer.

I don't think there is any superstar tennis athlete who is strongly rumored to be gay and most of them are married except for Nadal who has a GF of 5-6 years. There are a number of players with the most popular one being Cristiano Ronaldo.

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