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The reader is warned from the beginning that “substantial elements” relating to the Edom traditions will be left unaddressed in the study, particularly as regards the historical and poetic/wisdom literature.

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Edomites are not only seen as a parent group which, even though not “elected” by YHWH, was nonetheless blessed by him; they are also viewed as a group to which the land of Seir was given as possession.

The author should be credited for the amount of scholarship involved, as well as for providing readers with a thorough textual study.

Finally, as is usually the case with volumes in the LHBOTS series, the book has been meticulously and satisfactorily edited.

200)—but he does not provide such comparative evidence for key motifs such as election and land possession, and thus fails to locate these motifs in their broader Ancient Near Eastern background.

A related point can be raised with respect to the historical conditions behind the formation and transmission of the Esau/Edom folklore.

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