What problems are encountered in dating metamorphic rocks

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Here he did \ notable work, both as a debater in the synods and assemblies \ of his church and as an evangelist.In 1712 he lost his wife \ (Susannah Jordan), and the loss desolated his life for many \ years.Edward Neville was summoned to parliament with \ this title in 1450.His direct male descendants ended in 1387 \ in Henry Neville, but a cousin, Edward Neville (d. From him it has descended \ continuously, the title being increased to an earldom in \ 1784; and in 1876 William Nevill ( \i sic \i0 ) 5th earl (b.He is best known for his book \i Twenty-one Days in India \i0 \ (1878--1879), a satire upon Anglo-Indian society and modes of \ thought.This book gave promise of a successful literary \ Career, but the author died at the age of thirty-three.In \ 1731 came on the greatest controversy in which Abernethy \ engaged, viz.

It has been said, however, that the influence he exerted \ on those who attended his lectures was not beneficial in this \ respect, that his opinions were delivered so dogmatically, \ and all who differed from him were disparaged and denounced \ so contemptuously, as to repress instead of stimulating \ inquiry.\ His stand was ``against all laws that, upon account of mere \ differences of religious opinions and forms of worship, \ excluded men of integrity and ability from serving their \ country.'' He was nearly a century in advance of his age.\ He had to reason with those who denied that a Roman Catholic \ or Dissenter could be a ``man of integrity and ability.'' \ His \i Tracts \i0 ---afterwards collected--did fresh service, \ generations later, and his name is honoured by all who love \ freedom of conscience and opinion. \ \ See Dr Duchal's \i Life \i0 , prefixed to \i Sermons \i0 (1762): \i Diary \i0 in \ MS., 6 vols.4to; Reid's \i Presbyterian Church in Ireland \i0 , iii. \ \ \b ABERNETHY, JOHN \b0 (1764-1831), English surgeon, grandson of \ John Abernethy (see above), was born in London on the 3rd of \ April 1764. Educated at \ Wolverhampton grammar school, he was apprenticed in 1779 to \ Sir Charles Blicke (1745-1815), surgeon to St Bartholomew's \ Hospital, London.He attended the anatomical lectures of \ Sir William Blizard (1743-1835) at the London Hospital, \ and was early employed to assist as ``demonstrator''; \ he also attended Percival Pott's surgical lectures at St \ Bartholomew's Hospital, as well as the lectures of John \ Hunter.

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