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Giving a child the best start in life begins with giving the mother the best maternity experience possible.Thus, the promotion of good sexual health isn’t just important to the generation alive today – it is crucial to the healthy development of future generations.

Good sex and relationships education is crucial in this – through giving people the knowledge and information they need to maintain good sexual development from puberty to adulthood, they should be empowered to negotiate and develop healthy, happy and fair relationships through their life, and take responsibility for managing safe and satisfying sexual relationships.

An empowered, informed individual will also have the knowledge and responsibility to make decisions on having children.

Pregnancy and maternal health have obvious links with good sexual health – prevention of, or treatment of, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the mother prevent their onward transmission to the child.

The HFEA monitors and inspects clinics to ensure they are working towards the target and each clinic must have its own “multiple births minimisation strategy”.

Back to table of contents In 2016, the greatest percentage of all live births (60.6%) occurred in the White British group.

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