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I stopped looking forward to going on these dates and I expressed my extreme frustration.I asked for my money back, midway during the service and was denied and since they wouldn't I wanted to make sure they were doing their jobs.As a woman I feel safe in the knowledge that each date has been screened, that Executive Search Dating books the reservation to take place at a reputable establishment and that each client knows that feedback will be asked after a date which ensures that even if there is to be no chemistry, both participants are well mannered, friendly and respectful. Executive Search Dating continues to be a great experience for me!This provides a natural and relaxed assurance the promotes an environment of comfort and ease and isn't that the best start to a great date? I am a busy Yaletown professional and through ESD I have met a number of wonderful people with little time or effort.

A week later, she found a match for me and it turned out that the person fulfilled everything I asked for.

I've wanted to post a review for this business for a while now.

I've specifically signed up to yelp to post this review.

Most of the women I met we're genuine and interesting women.

I asked some of the women what their experience with the men were and I recall they didn't have positive things to say. The head hunters will ask for your feedback after, where they will ask a rating on the match out of 10.

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