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I'm a little creeped out by how the whole brother/sister romance thing is played like a ship we're actually supposed to be behind.

Not just with Yuki, but now in that bonus chapter with her parents too. I really hope Yuki ends up with Zero because, you know, he loves her, she loves him, and he's not related to her.

The mangaka failed making a good pair, but succeded, intentional or not, making bad ones, which we don't see much in mangas. The other kind of vampires are humans turned into vampires, and only pure blood can do that, turn humans into vampires.

They're considered "trash" by the real vampires and are hunted and killed by the real vampires, or by vampire hunters.

Some years afterwards, whem I somehow got interested again, I read the manga again and I can tell you I don't support any couples in this manga, not even Kanamexyuki, not because it's an inscect( aristocrats used to do this all the time in the past to keep their blood pure) but because seems like a typical abusive relationship to me. I get why he is, I just think Yuki is a bit headstrong for his liking. I have the fan book of the manga series and it explains many things.

Kaname locked her, she wasn't happy with him and I remember he even treatened her at some point! Though maybe he feels like she can challenge him in a good way... Vampires in the serie is a species separate from humans. The pure blood are called "pure" because they have no human in their genealogy, which means they're rare, very special and powerful.

Also, because Yuuki's oncle raised him, Kaname does not possess his full power and cannot harm the uncle directly because the oncle holds a power over him. Humans who become vampires will degenerate with time and turn into monsters craving blood, unless they drink blood from a pure blood once in a while, like Yuuki and Kaname are pure blood. Kaname is one of Yuuki's ancestors and is thousands years old.Yuuki's parents indeed had a son called Kaname, called Kaname in honor of their ancestor Kaname, but Yuuki's uncle sacrificed the infant to wake up their ancestor Kaname, who was not dead and in a sort of limbo for thousands of years.BUT -**Warning - griping ensues along with spoilers if you're not caught up through volume 9**...Vampire Knight's just not the story I thought it was when I started out reading it.

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