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Root Certificates are one of the fundamental pieces of public key cryptography used by browsers and other services to validate certain types of encryption.For example, the root certificates are used whenever you connect via an https connection to make sure that you're connecting to who you think you are.As usual, I have to throw out this disclaimer to keep the pedants at bay: this is of necessity, an over simplification.I'm not trying to cover the nitty gritty details, just explain the general concepts. Our company just moved from Exchange Server 2003 to 2010 and now my e-mail doesn't work on the phone.I have deleted and recreated the account on the phone, but keep getting the 80072F0D error about a problem with the certificate.• First, a little diversion into "public key cryptography".By now you're probably already aware of "symmetric key cryptography" - that's where you use a single key or password to scramble or encrypt some data.

Windows Update has a download for "Windows Root Certificates".I have a user where SSL sites suddenly started throwing up certificate errors. One of the sites that was failing, I manually installed the root certificate from digicert website.We have a problem with a number of websites, who's certificates appears to be invalid, though they are perfectly ok.The problem is, that Windows 7 apparently does an on-demand update of root certificates through Windows Update, rather than rolling out a monthly update, as with Windows XP.

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