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Zombiespawn is triggered in owned POI by players w/o bedroll in it Crafting queue does not advance after slot is cancelled Dupe assembly items with sorting button.Several clothing pieces are missing their texture on Linux/Mac (Sheen)Pickup of stone shovel Pistol cannot be picked up after being dropped Wrongfully closed/opened traders Player interactions not alerting zombies MP, SP, Dedi Dupe items using full backpack and lootcontainer Zombie pathing not working right with catwalk stairs and catwalks Clientside-NRE when shooting zombies with AK on dedi Launcher gives error when the config is corrupted Campfire Dupe from forum and youtube find Zombie Miner invisible spots on face Audio getting cut off before finished Solve issue for CSC walking away unharmed from running zombies Horde groups can spawn a wider selection of zombies (as intended)High server load when Telnet connection is force closed by client Burnt zombie audio attached to audio manager audio source instead of on the particle effect. Smooth melting snow between biomes, SSAO between fog ranges, and smoothed fog shader updates.Trader and Economy System We have added NPC traders to the game at 5 unique White River settlements signified by a White River Flag and a Traitor Joels sign.These Settlements and NPCs appear in both Navezgane and Random Gen Worlds.Traders announce over loudspeakers when they are open, closed and about to close.

XInput spam on some dedicated servers Spending Skill Points Journal Entry added only after completing Basic Survival Quest.

Vending Machines There are three types of vending machines: beverage vending machines found at stores, rentable trader protected vending machines found at Trader Settlements, and player owned vending machines which can only be acquired through a Traders Secret Stash.

All vending Machines use Duke Coins which can be found in the world or acquired through selling items to Traders.

Rwgmixer is saved to the games save dir: This ensures the same terrain generation and biome generation and prefab regardless of edits to the main file.

All new locations spawn except for the football stadium, canyon gift shop and canyon cliff dwellings.

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