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Chandeliers, Ceiling Mounted Fixtures and Wall Sconces in matching style are also available.Specs These hexagon (12″dia.x 24″-30″long) white acrylic cylinders with metal frames are outfitted with a seven light cluster, accepting energy efficient LED light sources.The key is not to double the number of bulbs or increase the wattage size of the bulbs, since this can cause electrical bills to skyrocket and the structural wiring in many older churches simply cannot handle that much additional wattage, but to direct and channel the available light where it is needed.Artech considers several factors when recommending lighting solutions for your church or temple. Second, the new or refurbished fixtures must match and complement existing décor.x 14″ long white acrylic cylindrical or hexagon lanterns and 18″ dia. The overall diameter for the 3 arm is 40″ and accepts a 9 light cluster of energy efficient LED light sources.The overall diameter of the 6 arm chandelier is 50″ and accepts a 15 light cluster of energy efficient LED light sources.We felt that the decor got lost in black silhouette, as many contemporary fixtures display.

Specs The 3 arm chandelier & 6 arm chandeliers consist of a 8″ dia.LED lights use about one fourth of the energy to provide the same illumination as incandescent lights.While in the past, LED lamps were bright white light, today’s LED lamps provide warm balanced light that match the feel of incandescent, but have a rated life of 20,000 hours or approximately 20 times longer than incandescent.Third, we think about your budget and match upgrades to your building’s existing electrical capabilities while ensuring the light fixtures are friendly to your maintenance budget.Download Artech’s Lighting Questionnaire Over the years many religious establishments have enjoyed our lighting pendants and their decorative appeal.

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