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In case of changing these Rules, AEROEXPRESS undertakes to notify the Participants about this event through publishing the revised electronic version of Rules on AEROEXPRESS website. Such changes shall become effective upon posting of corresponding information on Program Operator website.

In case the Program is cancelled, all points accrued by Program Participants may be revoked.

In case such Participant wishes to reinstate his/her registration in the Program through User Account, Program operator shall reinstate User Account of such Participant under the same Login, and shall accrue to this User Account the same number of points, which was available at this User Account at the moment such Participant stopped participating in the Program. In case such Participant deletes his/her User Account after having left the Program, and tries to register a new User Account in the Program under the same Login (e-mail address), then Program operator shall not reinstate the previous User Account of such Participant, and previously accrued points shall be cancelled as of date of deletion of such User Account. Program operator reserves the right to accrue to Program Participant additional points, which are not stipulated in Clause 4.1.4 of these Rules, in accordance to the conditions of special promotions. Program Participant undertakes to independently check his/her account status, number of points accrued, spent, and written-off at Program operator website and/or through mobile application in section «Bonus Account» of User Account.Quality of outsourcing and technological support is evaluated in the following three categories: The area of responsibility of TAIS in terms of outsourcing of TAIS Airline Solutions hardware and software includes the following: In the case of pause of the services TAIS is responsible for errors within the area of its responsibility, specified by p. System's accessibility is an availability factor of the system, i.e.as percentage of time the system is accessible for duration of the Accounting period in minutes.Upon attaining results of request processing, Program Operator sends a notification to Program Participant e-mail (Login) to confirm discontinued processing of personal data and its deletion from internal database of the Program. In case Program Participant for any reason decides to utilize the telephone number registered in his/her User Account for binding with another User Account (with another Login), his/her participation in the Program under the primary Login is automatically cancelled starting from the date of verification (confirmation) of binding this phone number to a different User Account. In order to take part in the Program it is necessary to: 3.2.2. Program Participant can have only one User Account.All points accrued under that primary Login up to this date shall be automatically cancelled, and shall not be subject to restitution. At registration, Program Participant provides his/her e-mail address and mobile telephone number for receiving information sent by Program Operator. In the process of registration, Participant may give his/her consent to receive informational mailings about the Program, and advertising and marketing materials, by putting a «tick» in a corresponding field. The starting date of Program participation shall be of the date of registration in the Program through User Account. To access this User Account, Program Participant needs to provide Login and password. User Account and accrued points cannot be joined with User Account and points of other Program Participant, or Participants of other loyalty Programs.

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