Updating firmware intel ssd

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The next testing stage is loading of a file according to the FTP. The access points and client cards were a meter from each other. The pair of Cisco AP and Cisco PC Card showed the best result, the worst result was obtained with the compound equipment. It is connected with the fact that the Link Test program from Lucent refuses to find strange equipment.

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The Cisco had no problems with the current version of the Firmware. The AP Manager program was installed for adjustment of the Lucent access point.

The testing plate, aid in installation and adjustment of the equipment came from East Connection company.

In the tests we used the following equipment: Lucent ORi NOCO AP-1000 and Cisco Aironet 340AP access points were connected to a wired network.

The Linktest from Cisco doesn't see the access point either, but it displays communication parameters. Top-down: - combination of the Lucent AP and Cisco Wireless Card.

The Cisco AP was tested with two additional antennae connected to the respective connectors of the AP. Client Manager Lucent "feels" the signal but can't connect the Cisco AP. The first one (1) is a position next to the access point, one meter away. The position (2) was 5 m away from the access point inside the building, and was separated with two wooden walls.

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