Updating cell phone tower list

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But that isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, because you don’t have to buy your phone from Verizon as long as the model you get supports its network.

That same change has raised the cost of 5 GB of use on two lines from 0 to 0, or 0 with Go Unlimited.And for the great many people who don’t exceed 5 GB in a month, the price should matter less than Verizon’s continued network advantage.This 5 GB plan won’t help you if you need multiple lines, but we have separate advice for multiple-line scenarios.That advertised rate requires Verizon’s auto-pay discount—however, like the two “unlimited” offerings, it requires making payments from a checking account or debit card, so you can forget about running up points on a travel-rewards credit card.The other catch: That plan, along with Verizon’s other limited-data postpaid plans, restricts the resolution of streaming video to 720p on phones and 1080p on tablets.

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