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The name has been changed, but the institution remains the same.

Second, despite high-profile scandals involving deputy ministers, generals, and other top officials, the overwhelming majority of them have simply passed new competency tests and been readmitted to the force.

He said that one official, a regional deputy head, owned two restaurants, a hotel and "some more property".

There is little I did not see at that commission," the interior minister complained.

The index, issued in October, ranked Russia 154th among 178 countries, alongside Tajikistan and Kenya.

Member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. I have an exceedingly low opinion of recent attempts to reform the Interior Ministry not only by virtue of their immediate results but in terms of their very concept.

As a reform, the current plan is inherently flawed inasmuch as the police retain the same vertical power structure and functions as before.

This means that the holiday weekend will cover three days (from Thursday March 8 to Saturday March 10), while Sunday March 11 will become a working day.

According to it, Friday March 9 will also be a non-working day.

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