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He has posted in his official site named Tucker about his sexual encounters and drinking history sequentially, where he posted it in brief stories form.The site surprisingly received the millions of visitors.He is till the date alone, there is no such information about his girlfriend and dating. Lexington, Ky is his hometown and his current residence is Austin, TX. May be he is not taking out his personal information to the market; this might be the one cause for no citation of information about his affairs. I’m just the one who wrote it all down and turned it into a big thing. Drinking and hooking up and being an idiot, if you keep doing it for 30 years that’s like …

He is only and only one, Tucker Max, who was born on September 27, 1975. He especially creates the crude writing and thought for which, he is very popular.Let’s all go after the real bad guys."People have this vision of me from the books, and that’s all true, but it’s this tiny slice of my life that was a certain period of my life.All true, all fun, all amazing, but imagine if the only thing people knew about you was stuff you did in the bathroom?That’s just how they see the world, as a battle of the sexes and male oppression or misogyny or whatever. The reality is, more than half my fans are women and women aren’t stupid.If my stuff was misogynist, then millions of women would not buy my books.

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