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As he says in an interview with : “Homopatik is over ‘gender’”, and the crowd follows suit – marching hard into the next day in a blur of brightly coloured, semi-clothed, beat-matched motion.

Clubbing is just one element to the venue, which challenges the status quo through its programming and internal organisation.

Although international visitors increasingly outnumber locals, the original club still offers a slice of that semi-underground experience with a music policy that leans towards the more hedonistic side of disco house.

Depending on the night, one or all of the floors might be open, each decorated in a typically haphazard fashion with rickety bunk seating and ladders running around it. Expect long queues between 1am and 3am but once inside, you can run wild, like kids in an adventure playground, exploring the multitude of rooms, corridors and hidden corners. Inside the main room of , a once illegal club located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighbourhood, reality takes on a different hue.

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Much of this idealism stems from Berlin’s history as a divided then unified place – many of its clubs first occupied the real-estate no-man’s land surrounding the area of the old wall, finding new meaning and political purpose for these neglected spaces throughout the 1990s.

As Nadine Moser, better known as Resom, one of ://about blank’s resident DJs, told me: “You can’t see today’s situation without looking into that past.

It’s a similar set up to other indoor/outdoor clubs like and .

Tonight ://about blank is taken over by Homopatik, a long-running monthly queer party with a passionate following run by DJ Mr Ties.

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