Threatening intimidating

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The mob was now threatening; every moment the peril was increasing.

He stood there with darkening face, an obstinate, almost a threatening figure.

– 5 p.m.480-965-6146Dean of Students Monday – Friday; 8 a.m.

In Arizona, threatening someone with physical harm or harm to their property is against the law and can be grounds for arrest.

Any form of retaliation against any person for making a bona fide report concerning threatening or violent behavior in the workplace or non-work-related report is prohibited.

Examples of violent behavior include, but are not limited to: Human Resources and Public Safety will coordinate the investigation of all reports of threatening or violent behavior promptly and impartially and as confidentially as possible.

The College is committed to providing faculty and staff with a safe environment free from threats, intimidation and violence as described in this policy.

The College relies on its managers, supervisors and employees to be alert to the existence of threatening or violent behavior by employees or non-employees (vendors, applicants, visitors, spouses, etc.) against self, others, College property, or property on campus belonging to others.

It was some moments before, under the girl's threatening eyes, she could speak at all.

No harm seemed to come of it, while the noises the gods made were certainly not threatening.

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