Temple city dating

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The soft room of our restaurant is equipped with bas-relief images of the Cambodian temple complex known as Angkor Wat.It is the largest ever created religious buildings dating back almost nine centuries.According to a famous Borneo legend, Zuma fell in love with a daughter of the Great Raja.Since the castes forbade them to love each other, the young couple fled from the palace to seashore.When the Rajas guards caught them, wise Zuma appealed to the gods in order for them to allow him and his loved one to be together forever.The gods heard the prayers of the great man and turned him and the princess into stones.

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This gesture, in which hands are folded with palms together as if in prayer and head is lowered, is more than just a form of greeting. In fact, it represents a sophisticated rule of etiquette - the higher the hands are, the more respect the wai gesture conveys.The red seal on the floor at the entrance depicts a Chinese deity in the form of a dragon.This is one of the images that revered the most in China and the strongest talisman that protects houses from the negative energy and ensures prosperity.In order to book a table in advance or order delivery please call 7 (423) 2222-666 The restaurant's interior represents a gallery of visual impressions.We are deeply in love with our guests and we believe that the feeling is mutual.

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