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In one of the few peer-reviewed studies to consider teen sexting, Dowdell and colleagues reported that 15% of their high-school sample had been sent a sext, and a third reported knowing someone who had been involved in sexting.A recent national study of 10- to 17-year-old adolescents found a surprisingly low rate of teen sexting behaviors.Participants self-reported their history of dating, sexual behaviors, and sexting (sent, asked, been asked, and/or bothered by being asked to send nude photographs of themselves).Setting Seven public high schools in southeast Texas.Second, we examine the association between sexting and sexual behaviors.

Given the lack of previous studies, it is unclear how this new behavior fits within the domain of teen dating and sexual behaviors. First, we identify the prevalence and describe the nature of sexting (as sender and receiver) among a large ethnically diverse school-based sample of adolescents.Data on teen sexting, including prevalence rates ranging from 1% to 31%, are primarily based on online polls or media-generated studies.found that 20% of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 years have sexted a nude or semi-nude picture of themselves to another teen.Much of this attention has been limited to (1) legal cases in which teens who create, send, receive, store, and/or disseminate nude pictures of themselves or another teen face criminal charges including child pornography, we understand very little about the public health importance of sexting.Considering the media attention and potential public health implications, it is surprising that research on this topic has been slow to develop.

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