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I was thrown off from my normal list of questions because Jaroslav was asking millions of questions right when he walked in the door.He wanted to know all the details about me and my company and what he would have to do.

When I tell him to get on his hands and knees to have his arse examined he strikes a perfect pose where his back dips and his bum is pointed straight up in the air.

After shyly shedding his clothes, I had him pegged for one of the many who end up bailing at the last minute.

Luckily Jaroslav stuck it out to give me a big finish!

Jaroslav - Unemployed: Many of these guys who come into audition are desperate for money. Some don't go through with it, but others force themselves to.

They write me in a fit of anxiety promising that they'll do anything, but when they show up guess what? Jaroslav is one of the most nervous men I've ever auditioned.

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    Although such tales are occasionally entertaining, they’re not helping your love life.

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    Obviously I haven’t dated much in India, two men isn’t enough to make a truly convincing case on the subject, so my experience level is low.

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