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As we know, as this play goes on, as this production goes on, what’s going to happen is you’re going to start to get bored and you’re going to start to invent things to occupy yourselves. So every time you think it’s the first two, you’re wrong.” Because, inevitably, you do you get bored. Let’s see if I can get him to smile when I say that line. I know how to use the computer in a very simple way. “Oh, that’s how people do that.” Of course I would never ask anyone. I have a Blackberry and I have an i Phone, but I’m kind of too afraid to use the i Phone. And then, if I can’t get it to work I [fumbles with imaginary phone] whatever.

” She’d be talking about some political cause or something. You never quite know if it will work until you see it? And sometimes, look, let’s face it, sometimes things that are funny to you on-set, the crew is laughing, everybody’s laughing, and then you get in the editing room and it’s like, that’s not that funny. It’s like I said to the actors, I just directed this Broadway show this Spring that just closed, once we opened I sat down with everybody, it was a farce, so I said, “Look, here’s the thing. Are you entertaining yourself, are you entertaining each other, or are you entertaining the audience?

Something happening to my kids, that’s my biggest fear.

We’re tired of him.” It happens and I’m prepared for it.

There were certain things that she just didn’t know, just technical things that she didn’t know. She’s this sweet little…she’s this big [places flat hand about three feet above the floor]. They were like, “There’s Christina Aguilera,” I was like, “Where? ” She’s very sweet, very quiet and then she starts to sing and dance and you’re like, “Where the fuck did that come from? People think that we’re a married couple sometimes. Was it something you thought of when you read the script? But everybody remembers being in high school and being uncomfortable about being in high school, and this was just a very funny expression of that. And bringing Emma into that relationship, did you guys do anything special to try and bond with her? She has an incredible sense of humor, sophisticated, cheap sense of humor, just like me and Patty. The whole film reminded me of Hollywood, if you do something wrong they castigate you and ostracize you, can you comment on that? Will was just talking about working with Justin Timberlake and his transition from pop star to actor. Christina Aguilera, what was that experience like for you? He’s not the overbearing zealot who makes his daughter’s life miserable and he’s not the laid back hippy who lets his daughter do whatever she wants. ) a normal dad with an amicable relationship with his children. And he’s great that way, because I love to work that way and it was so much fun. Suddenly you cut to a scene with these characters and there just behaving as though everyone knows them and it worked. It’s because of the very naturalistic aspect of it and also humor. But be sure to not confuse “normal” with “boring” because he provides some of the film’s greatest moments. And he’s right there, very connected to what you’re doing and he’s not sitting back at the monitors eating a sandwich. Everything is told through their humor, which you believe.

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