Speed dating for mormons

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There’s an easy test to discover if you’re also a true human being instead of an automaton: do you uncontrollably sob while watching The Notebook?I rented it last month and nearly choked on my tears.

It’s no accident that my Netflix queue is now filled with movies such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Runaway Bride, The Bridges Of Madison County, and Brokeback Mountain. Renouncing my past and crying my eyes out during quality movies only brought me halfway toward redemption.

Step Three: Make the decision to hand over your love to a woman.

Let her hold it, stroke it, and hopefully not take advantage of the sweet vulnerability that you’re displaying by crushing it with all her might.

You must consider women to be the supreme beings in your life.

Step Two: Only a woman can make you realize your true manly potential.

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