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Let’s eat 2 tried but honestly it ended with split families/divorce for those leaving Seoul. I have fallen in love with both lead characters and their acting. I went straight here after finished watching it to write comments about how great it is. It's been a week since I finished this but I can't get over it T_T I watched while u were sleeping, go back couple n revolutionary love after it but I just can't take it out of my mind it was so perfect for me so here I am watching it again.. It reminds me the flutter heart of having a first love in your life, and teach us to start the love in a clean, honest, right way. “Even though you live through yesterday, doesnt mean you know everything about today” This is my second time commenting on a drama.

But i think, what makes me watch this drama 2 times in a row, is that somehow this drama reminds me of how me and my spouse start our relationship.

I love the character development and how they interact with one another.

It is a really odd feeling for me that never happened before.

Judging from all the comments here, I think I'll like this drama as well pls there's Somin as the lead!

But guys if you have the time, do check out the jdrama version too! This is my first time leaving a comment about a kdrama.

And this drama definitely is the best drama of 2017. A different kind of Korean drama that attempts to find answers to many of life's most difficult questions - the importance of marriage, love, and maintaining the status quo.As for jung so min I have watched every drama she has been in and she is a really good actress ? They all had great character development and achieved happiness that wasn't completely dependent on others (aka a man).I especially loved Soo-Ji's character who is pretty much a badass. It's not just an ordinary korean drama with a usual plot and predictable scene, but as the story goes on, you get to know and relate to the characters. best drama that jung so min ever cast :) This is a very very good drama. she was so cool and put together and such a beauty. Its good enough for me to rewatch it again whenever i feel like theres no kdrama i can get into & finish until the end bcs i didnt like how the story goes halfway Best romantic drama 2017! Although i loved the other 2 couples more than the main leads... the lead couple really pulled their character successfully. For the most part I did like Ji Ho, although some things she did and some decisions she made was just.. Se Hee was actually very well played and I liked him, Ho Rang was so annoying at first but she grew on me, Soo Ji, ah I loved Soo ji..

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