Sms dating tips

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“I luv u” and “Misng U”…Yes we are talking about SMS romances here.

SMS has become the handiest tools that men can use to attract chicks.

Sure, the reason for answering too late or not answering at all might very well be that he’s just not that into you. The short messaging service – or as you know it SMS – has taken over as the absolute most popular form of communication that’s basically appropriate even when the ‘three day rule’ applies.So, want to send him a little thank you text after a great date? It used to be plain and simple – if you want to follow this dating rulebook that’s got everybody all tangled up in knots – you simply have to oblige to the 3 day rule!Formula 7 : Ladkiyon Se Jab Bhi Mile Ek Pyaari Si Smile Jarur Kare.Formula 8 : Hamesha Unki Help Ke Liye Taiyaar Rahe.

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