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“They show a different nature within its sacred limits.

They no longer shun the face of man; they neither fear nor attack him; and they are even more tolerant of one another in this land of refuge.” Despite Seton’s description of the park as a place where man and beast observed a neutral stance, Burt and I cautiously watched for any sign of Wahb’s living counterparts as we hiked up the trail along Cache Creek (a tributary of the Lamar River ) towards Death Gulch.

On the other hand, we doubted the accuracy of our sense of smell as we wondered if the strong odor was a product of our heightened imaginations, excited by finding the place where the great grizzly bear Wahb ended his life.

Continuing up Cache Creek, we found the deep-scarred ravine of Death Gulch.

Seton wrote, “In the limits of this great Wonderland…no violence was to be offered to any bird or beast, no ax was to be carried into its primitive forests, and the streams were to flow on forever unpolluted by mill or mine…this was the West before the white man came.” Wahb and other species of wildlife discovered that Yellowstone provided a sanctuary.

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In the summer of 2008, fellow Northwest College professor Burt Bradley and I set off on a cool, summer morning to trail the famed renegade grizzly bear, Wahb.At the time Seton wrote his account of Wahb, scientists still puzzled over this strange and macabre feature.Animals that strayed too far up this gulch seemed to be poisoned by the pungent fumes from the geothermal fissures in the gulch.After years of hardship and struggle, Wahb could no longer endure the pain caused by his advanced age and his past wounds.After more than twenty years of fighting other animals, weather, and humans, Wahb concluded that his pain no longer allowed him to defend his territory.

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