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, which traces the life and Aids-related death of Soviet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev, had been pulled just two days before its scheduled premiere in July.

The Blue System site, which can still be accessed outside Russia—and may be available using VPN from inside—published news about human rights violations, court hearings, and the banning of gay parades all across the country.

Was the Blue System website providing Russian LGBT with information about sex? But there was much more.“The Blue System website was mainly popular as a dating resource,” Pavel Lobkov, a Russian television anchor, told The Daily Beast.

Lobkov was the first Russian to come out and publicly declare on live TV that he had HIV, and he said Blue System helped him meet others with the virus.

The Cannes-winning director remains under house arrest, awaiting trial.

He is unable to work, talk to the press or see his elderly, infirm parents.

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