Rules dating recovering addict

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There are other options that are much better: -friend that knows about your situation -family member -therapist -AA/NA or other support groups -posting on SR -volunteering -professional relationships with co-workers Now I have not heard of this "no dating for a year" rule before so I don't have anything to say about who invented it or whether it is truly part of AA or not.I think there is some wisdom to this rule/suggestion no matter where it came from, but I would not take the "one year" part literally, that's just my opinion.I don't think that there's anything magic about 365 days. It would be too stressful for me, and it would be unfair to my date if I was unable to manage my emotions/stress of early sobriety and took it out on them.Maybe one person is ready to start dating after 4 months, and another in 5 years, it all depends on the person. Maybe you want to date because you are lonely and feel dating may help you, and maybe even help you stay sober. I just think it is unfair to use an "innocent bystander" (a date) to deal with my feelings of loneliness and stress.In fact, as someone who quit drinking a long time ago, my own "rule" when dating was not to date a formerly addicted person unless that person had been comfortably abstinent for at least five years.Someone's gotta be the first to say it, so I guess it might as well be me: AA doesn't have a rule about dating.Just because you're sober doesn't mean a relative won't pass away in the first year or that you won't lose your job in the first year. Jay- I didn't date in my first year, I needed some time to work on myself.

Of course life still goes on, you may suffer from unexpected events and tragedies and have to deal with them.I was totally wired after going out on my date and I felt a lot of old stuff come up afterwards.I got through it with help from here, but it was the first time in a long time I felt like drinking for some reason.My experience with dating was I dated every chance i could while getting sober.As a matter of fact, I got booted out for a night because I not only missed curfew, but I had some sex on this particular date too. Not a big deal for me, I'd slept outside in worse conditions, besides, I was sober, and feeling pretty good about my date that night.

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