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Are we really dealing with a concept when we talk about Education in the Information Society?

Last year, 2ANNAS was the only film festival in Riga, and luckily, this year there are other film festivals as well.

This turn of events allows us to further explore the themes and cinematic movements that have always been on the mind of 2ANNAS.

In a way, it is the next logical step for 2ANNAS to become even more deeply involved in the search for the next cinematic avant-garde groundbreakers.

Is there anything you will focus on in this year’s festival?

More importance is usually given to infrastructure and equipment than to teaching and learning conditions, to the point of view of the supply than to the demand, to results over processes.Furthermore, 2ANNAS wants to follow the development of the filmmakers who have previously participated in the festival.Many of them are now working with full-length feature films, and we want to give them the space to showcase their works.Cineuropa: You’ve added a feature-film element to 2ANNAS, with you looking to screen first and second features. Anna Veilande-Kustikova: 2ANNAS is a living, breathing organism that wants to grow and develop even more.This year, we want to further develop into a film festival with high-quality competition programmes and a focus on contemporary, avant-garde movements.

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