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From the mid 1980s pank rock bands started to spring up all around the USSR and as time passed by they somehow fell into two categories: central and Siberian ones.Alternative rock originated in Russia in the mid 1990s.Traditional folk music instruments have come to be used in lots of modern styles and eclectic ways in recent years. Russian national composer school acquired its individual shape rather late, only by the mid 19th century.However, once getting mature Russian music rushes into the world music arena.Though today palette of Russian country music adherents is not that rich and versatile in comparison with America and Europe, it still has something to offer. Just like country music, so untypical for Russia, Celtic music is also popular among the Russians.The talking about affinity of mysterious Irish and Russian minds is not casual: they really have much in common. Here you can learn about the main streams of Russian musical culture.Index of All Articles on Russian Music Folk Music Russian Folk Music Instruments Classical Music in Russia Russian Opera Russian Romance, the Art of Sentimental Art Song Russian Great Singers of the 20th Century Author's Song Pop-Music in Russia Rock Music in Russia Jazz in Russia Punk Rock & Alternative Rock in Russia Country Music in Russia Celtic Music in Russia A Glimpse of Hip-Hop Culture in Russia Russian Sacred Music is certainly the oldest of them.

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Soviet authorities displayed quite ambiguous attitude towards jazz: Russian jazzmen, as a rule, were not banned, though jazz as such was severely criticized in the context of overall criticism of Western culture on the whole. Punk music penetrated into the USSR in the early 1980s.By the early 1960s Russian-language pop music developed into one of the biggest music markets in the world.In the 1990s when the country was undergoing severe economic and political crisis Russia and Moscow in particular still remained to be significant producers of Russian-language music industry.The roots of Russian folk music date as far back as to the middle of the first millennium AC, when Slavic tribes settled in the European part of the present territory of Russia.Those tribes were famous for their love and mastery of music, singing and dancing.

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