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Get ready to take on unique team challenges, compete against rival crews online and shred the streets of the all new skaters’ paradise, Port Carverton. New skate fans can learn the ins and outs of skateboarding with the all-new Skate.School - a place to practice and hone their skills on the sticks before hitting the streets with their team.In addition to blocking, the protagonist and enemies can dodge attacks.The protagonist has access to different techniques, which range from purely offensive or guard-breaking techniques to healing and buffing techniques.Enemies range in type from normal humans to monsters and spirits.Attacks are divided into normal, heavy attacks which longer to execute while dealing higher damage, and area attacks which damage multiple surrounding enemies.Completing quests grants rewards of experience points, in-game currency and occasionally fighting techniques.Combat takes place in real-time, with the protagonist and a chosen Follower fighting enemies either individually or in groups.

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From completing online challenges to creating skate parks to having your graphics downloaded, almost everything skaters do in the game counts towards …Its success led to the creation of the PC version, which provided the basis for future ports and itself met with positive reviews.Jade Empire is an action role-playing game (RPG) in which players take control of a character most frequently dubbed the "Spirit Monk"; the Spirit Monk has six available pre-set character archetypes with different statistics: these statistics are split into health, magic energy (chi) and Focus, used to slow down time during combat. Delivering the definitive co-op skateboarding experience, it's up to players to build the ultimate team and change the face of the city. The award-winning SKATE franchise returns to break new ground with SKATE 3.

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