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Still, it seems to me while I’m still busy and continue to make (28) ___ living, I should go on writing (29) ___ books.

But as soon as (30) ___ ideas seem to be drying up or I start suffering from (31) ___ loneliness, I’ll give up (32) ___ writing and get back into (33) ___ classroom and meet (34) ___ students again.

Sometimes they had dinner at the hotel and sometimes in a restaurant.

He never eats meat, he always eats vegetables, cereals, seeds, fruit, and nuts.

On the table I have a book, two pencils, a pen and paper.

Grendma is in ____living room/This is ____my house/Where is __ fridge?

Now he is looking for the sound:under the table, behind the armchair, between the sofa and the armchair.''Nothing! He is still looking for the sound :on the floor,under the bed above the shelf,under the carpet.''Nothing! And he is still looking for the sound:in the left corner,in the rigth corner.''Nothing!

Then he sees two black eras...,two big green eyes..a small pink nose!

1 a hundred, the French coast, beautiful, the Channel Islands 2 Hungary , tourism, the shores, Lake Balaton 3 Stonehenge , an ancient, the Salisbury plain southern England, the River Avon, the biggest, Stonehenge 4 commercials, a short, clever phrase 5 American families, the only activity, the amount, the television.

1 The white rhinoceros, 2 The bicycle, 3 The development of the railway, 4 The fridge, 5 a letter, 6.

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