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TG can be very good to you living here as long as you have the luxury of time to find true gems.

Some sleep in my bed and avoid being shagged just using my facilities taking shower sleeping in a decent bed without offering pussy in return. Some have really attitude problems and some are big time liers.

Gambian females are the worst in the sack compared to Kenya Uganda and Madagascar. You can find a rare gem every now and then, but most of them know the 2 basic positions ie missionary and doggy. They let you typically shag you to your satisfaction but most of them seem not to enjoy sex to a great extent. A lot of them I had one night stands, never to be seen again, either BS excuses on the mobile or no shows despite appointments. They are almost never on time showing up 1 to 1 1/2 hours late.

After staying around three months how does TG stack up against other african destinations?

Don’t you expect that the men have posted recent pictures that honestly reflect what they look like? If a man asks for more pics after you have posted the extra pics, I’d “next” him and move on because we’re getting into creeper territory.

Occasionally you find semi / non pros with a job hooking to complement their income. Hair extensions nice black tights hugging her well rounded ass and small boobs smoking a CIGAR. As you know I stay in general away from chicas smoking cigarettes as they are in general hardcore. She had a spare one willing to sell it to me for a 100 Dal.

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Most of them are FGM ie clitoris partly or fully removed. That said positive points you can shag loads of them, and there is always fresh meat out especially around senegambia kololi area. The foreign pros aim for 1000 dal but I got very good semis I pay them 600 dal ST. I ll spend probably some days in Saly before I fly back to freezing Europe. Its totally safe, in comparison to other destinations. Flights can be cheap from Europe as it is a package tourist destiation especially from UK Holland and Belgium. In general if I find out the chica is from Guinea conakry. But I caught a top shelf pussy super horny flawless body squirting queen.

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