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It is written in black ink and unlike other writings in the book (portrait orientation) it is written in landscape and in one page only as if it bears great importance. I tried searching for a “Book of Lester” but there’s none that made sense.Or maybe it could be a note from the previous chapter. I knew there is a book of sort but what surprises me is that Daniel actually wrote a book about his Dreams & Prophecies. Then I remembered his whole first name.​ It’s JOHN Lester. I searched of a “Book of John​” it showed the Gospel.Like many of the Greek deities, Morpheus can be said to be a personification of an abstract idea, similar to that of Thanatos (death) or the Furies (vengeance). June 18,2015 I tried to do Astral Projection again. I saw myself panicking while browsing on our wireless telephone for receiving a message from a businessman. The man I dreamed before is still a mystery but the weird dreams are just as unexplained. I figure out the 1st dream immediately coz I’ve been bothered by my work the whole week but surprisingly the 2nd dream needs to be interpreted more carefully.By giving these concepts a concrete form, the Greeks would have been able to better explain these forces that ruled human existence. I did not succeed BUT I had set of dreams - on different places, with different people. Then I was relieved the message was still on the phone. I know it’s cliche but that’s what I felt about the place. Sitting there are couples, I don’t know any of them. I remember me and my friends walked on that alley and then it looked like they won’t allow us to be there coz we’re all Single. The next scene, I remember being in the shower clothed and crying. I tried figuring out why I dreamed of Daniel and Lester in the first place.

Κάθε φορά που πατάτε "Μίλα μου" σας συνδέουμε με κάποιον άγνωστο χρήστη εντελώς τυχαία.

I took the clues Daniel, Lester, and the Mystery book in my mind. Daniel interprets dreams of the Kings before and I know nothing about these. I tried before but I’m not that good in interpreting writings so I don’t really understand much. I didn’t know how it could be connected to the “Book of Daniel​” coz it’s too long to read.

So I kinda solved the mystery book of Daniel.​ The website is entitled “Apocalypse of Daniel”.​ I read the writings and the interpretation but still I can’t understand much. My head might hurt too bad before I could finish the Gospel.

Filled with sorrow, Alcyone commits suicide by throwing herself into the sea. Also, I don’t know the man so I thought it wasn’t that important.

The gods, taking pity on them, then transformed them into Halcyon birds. I had an event the day after so I didn’t thought about the dream too much, not until I had weirder dreams.

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