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In either case, the outcome could soon become decidedly bearish if support breaks.The neckline of the pattern comes across as a trend-line from September, but just below it is a solid area of support dating back to July (the 200-day MA also runs in the vicinity).There is a trend-line extending higher from April 2015 which arrives ahead of this target, so this will be viewed as the more important level of support.Value dates are the dates on which FX trades settle, i.e.

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It is normal that the value date may sometimes not appear as expected in relation to the trade date.For example, if the trade date is a Monday and a USD holiday falls on the Tuesday, then the spot date for EUR/USD will be the Wednesday, but the spot date for USD/MXN will be the Thursday.Whereas most countries' currencies cannot settle on a Saturday and Sunday, most Arab currencies cannot settle on a Friday and Saturday.USD holidays normally affect the spot date only if T 2 is a USD holiday.If T 1 is a USD holiday, this does not normally prevent T 2 from being the spot date.

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