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This person has been with the company for 15 years and is very nice, but also very defensive. If I ask her a question about something work-related, which I need to do several times a day, it turns into a rambling answer complete with examples and anecdotes.

In the moment, you can often preemptively head off long, rambling responses by saying, “I just have a minute, but can you tell me briefly what’s going on with XYZ? ” Or, “Give me the one-minute version of where we are with XYZ.” If she processes those signals, that might decrease a lot of this.

Frankly, defensiveness is something of a performance issue if it prevents her from hearing (and people from giving) feedback.The 10-minute video features the father-son duo, from Illinois, discussing their plans for the day and practicing math and spelling drills.Even though Chase's responses to his dad's questions do not always seem like obvious answers, Chadd interprets them and explains to viewers exactly what his son is trying to say.Chadd teases him when he goofs off and high-fives him when he answers questions correctly.He asks Chase to spell words such as 'dinosaur', 'blossom' and 'medicine', which he does enthusiastically.

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