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Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies.

Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine.

An increasing number of Americans are using alternative medicine, with the biggest increase occurring amongst whites, a new study shows.

The results showed that between 20, use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies (referred to by researchers as CAM), increased by 18.1 percent among whites, 17.2 percent among Asians, 6.6 percent among blacks and 1 percent among Hispanics.

This is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses needles to stimulate specific points around the body.

The person who performs this therapy (an acupuncturist) sticks thin, sterile needles into your skin.

The goal is to channel energy through his hands to your body to promote healing. Research shows healing touch can reduce anxiety in people who have cancers. But it’s unclear if it works for other issues, as well.

A trained professional called a chiropractor uses different techniques to adjust (“manipulate”) your spine or other parts of your body so that they’re in proper form, or alignment.The goal of chiropractic medicine is to ease pain, improve body function, and help your body to heal itself naturally.Much of the research around it has focused on low back pain.Unfortunately, herbal supplements can be sold without being proven to be safe or effective.Talk to your doctor if you’re thinking about using them.

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