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seeing those things render directly in front of you is one of the most common and immersion breaking instances to me personally, and im sure i'm not the only one.

obviously the tech isn't there for us to do so at this point without sacrificing a lot of a games graphics quality or a very powerful cpu.

(I'm thinking around , as they could just do what they've been doing now by remastering and selling the game again.)For all the pc gamers in the comments im a pc gamer too but im not being a dick about dont just say “ get pc its better” or “console SUCKS get a pc bla bla bla” the games are what matter and if someone wants to get a console instead that OK but to all you console gamers not all pc gamers are dicks so can you stop being dicks to our community also i do recommend switching to pc and you should just do like 30min to 1 hour of research then decide what you want unless all your friends have one console and you wanna play with them Rumor. Next Tekken game in development in collaboration with Sony for PS5. Is kicking Play Stations ass people that got the Play Station 4 Play Station Pro have been collecting stuff and collecting dust and not to mention they sisters been getting hot you here situations where people Play Station 4 and Playstation Pros be getting hot and even caught on fire so don't don't sit up there and make it seem like Play Station is this big no awesome system because it's not Play Station has been getting their ass kicked by Microsoft Xbox One Xbox One S and Xbox One X okay that's those systems have been killed in Play Station because of the fact the play people that got Play Station 4 and Playstation Pros they systems have been collecting dust and it's with a lot of people and situations where people and Playstation Xbox One and Xbox One X and that's a fact so it sounds like you are straight-up Play Station fanboy you ain't doing reporting on all the systems fairly you doing more talk about Play Station 2 you are all the other sisters man the whole time I listen to you I listen to you just to see what you talking about and this is like the second video where you doing more talk about Play Station then you are any other system you talking about the other systems but you really talking about him you doing more descriptive no reporting on Playstation stuff a lot of Play Station and that's a fact if you don't believe me go back and look at your video and listen to yourself because you know I'm all talk about Play Station products in the Playstation system then you are about the other systems if you going to report on systems you report on the system's evenly equally not just sit up there talk more about one sister than the others and you definitely don't have a Play Station so that lets us know that you would die hard Play Station fan you a Play Station fanboy Late 2019 like very late or early 2020 for the PS5.

By the time it's released 1080ti's will be so cheap one would be crazy to stay on consoles especially with the long-term money saved by gaming on PC.Too bad I'm straying away from Console and moving into PC gaming.I'm done buying Console's, specially since my favorite company is putting their games on PC a lot more often now.But do you think they would make it so that you could download a 4K/60fps patch on the PS5 for older PS4 games?and would you be against them making the PS5 upgrade patch a paid feature? It seems to me that you sound like a big Play Station fan man because you know if you sent up there doing something about like a drink like a reporting about different consoles you doing more talk about the Play Station products and consoles and software and everything then you are about like Xbox and just the correct you first and foremost Xbox One X Xbox One.

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