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Youth may be diverted prior to adjudication, or after.

Examples of youth specialty courts are juvenile mental health courts and juvenile drug courts.

While not considered a community-based alternative, some youth are released outright without a supervised release program or services.

Specialty Courts Specialty courts are designed to handle youth on a special docket, such as those with substance abuse or mental health disorders, or both.

One of the areas they have studied is juvenile justice.

A number of organizations have identified “model” programs through a process of reviews of the research and made available catalogues of these programs.

Cultural adaptations take an evidence-based practice and adapt it for language, racial and ethnic group, and/or geographic setting.

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The Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) focuses on developing policies and practices that reflect how courts, mental health professionals, and probation officers should work together to improve outcomes for crossover youth.

The model is structured into three phases and five practice areas reflective of many dually-involved youth, beginning with the point of arrest in the delinquency system, to case assignment and case planning, coordinated case supervision, and finally planning for permanency, transition, and case closure.

These programs can keep youth from contact with the system or keep them from getting a juvenile justice charge on their record after an initial contact, and can take place at many points in the juvenile justice processing continuum.

Training school staff and police officers to identify and appropriately respond to youth with mental health needs can decrease referrals to juvenile court, especially when coupled with alternative community-based mental health resources to which youth can be referred instead.

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