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“It’s trickier when you have kids, to want to walk down the aisle,” says Crow, 55, who will release her new album on April 21.

“But nonetheless, I don’t think you have to be married to have a wonderful relationship. ” Still, the nine-time Grammy winner is perfectly content — and has her hands full!

But he hasn't outrun the government yet; the Justice Department is currently suing Armstrong and several members of his inner circle.

The lawsuit cites the False Claims Act in an effort to retrieve the tens of millions the U.

In new book Lance, published this July, Armstrong tells how Crow’s ticking biological clock became an issue in their relationship.

The cyclist revealed: ‘She wanted marriage, she wanted children; I didn’t want that at that time because I had just gotten out of a marriage, I’d just had kids.’ The seven-year age gap (Crow was 41 and Armstrong 34) simply proved too much for the Tour de France champion and in 2006 they announced their break-up, just weeks before their wedding.

The singer and cyclist were briefly engaged, but they split up in 2006.

A representative for Crow, apprised Wednesday afternoon of the book's contents, did not offer a comment.

Sheryl Crow was with Lance Armstrong when he went to receive an illicit blood transfusion and later told federal investigators about what she'd seen, according to a new book about the doping conspiracy that propelled Armstrong's cycling teams."He trusted that Crow would have no desire to tell the press or anyone else about the team's doping program.He explained that it was simply part of the sport - that all cyclists were doing the same thing." Crow and Armstrong were dating at the time, Armstrong having left his wife, Kristin, just as his romance with Crow became public.Or her new album, which is the nine-times-Grammy-winner’s first country collection.Or her battles with breast cancer and a brain tumour.

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