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In his first appearance on the episode “Rabbitversary,” we see that he’s an aggressive, cynical advertising executive who uses one of Billy’s head shots in a PSA against circumcision. “We knew we wanted somebody who was as much of an asshole as Billy and Julie, but from a different world,” said Klausner, the creator and star of the show.“There are different douchebags in advertising than there are in entertainment.” Billy and Todd get into a flame war, each trying to one-up the other before they both run into each other on the street, ready to prank the other. He is best known as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films; John (MILF Guy No.2), who popularized the term "MILF" in the American Pie films; and Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek reboot film series.John family was running a family business during the very time over there.John completed his graduation degree education from Herbert Hoover High School and his graduation level of education was completed in the year 1990.

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Shooting out of order and working up to the kiss though has allowed the two of them to work into their chemistry, especially considering the first time that Cho and Eichner ever met was on set.“They start out-hating and Facebook stalking and digitally ruining each other’s lives,” said Cho.“In the twist of the meet-cute, they run into each other each holding a bag of Ku Klux Klan material with Trump-Pence stickers that they were going to plant in each other’s workplaces.They end up making out.” He laughs, adding, “We meet, argue, and sparks fly.” When it came time to cast Todd, everyone was unanimous: It had to be John Cho.“I take partial credit for the idea,” says Eichner.

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