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Unype Some people find life too boring and move to virtual worlds.

Murat Aktihanoglu created a virtual world that reminds people of the real life, using Google Earth as their base.

After all, how many of your exes/current romantic partners have a blog, let alone one where they post personal info/photos/(god forbid) videos? But as blogging software becomes more user friendly (or people adopt the stripped down versions, like Tumblr ...

which I still say in my head "Tum-b RRR"), Facebook profiles more detailed, online video sharing sites like Vimeo, Viddler and You Tube more popular, an ever-rising percentage of the men or women whom you've seen unclothed will have information web-accessible.

"There really isn't anything I'm not comfortable talking about," says Rambin. Even though I'm a guinea pig, it's still a fun experiment," says Asha. Other times I'm hiding behind my tech and gadget reviews," says Asha.

But like her two colleagues on tmiweekly.com, Asha has been burned by posting about her romantic life online. Jonathan Standefer thought TMI was so rampant on Facebook that he could launch a website chronicling some of the personal train wrecks on the social networking site. Lamebook, which he co-launched in April, gets as many as 800,000 hits a day.

It's a complete video editing application that allows multiple people to collaborate.

She filmed herself before and after the appointment and included footage of the equipment. Then one day, she wrote about finding her boyfriend cheating with another woman. "We're redefining so much of social norms through the Internet.

Maybe you're PMSing and lord knows what sorts of mushy (or worse, bitter) crap you might leave on your ex's Facebook wall - you only need 3 days and you're back to rational thought.

Or maybe you have a deadline and you really, really want to stop yourself from watching your not-quite-a-boyfriend's inane lip dubbing video for the 8th time, so you block his URL for 3 hours.

The life and death of your latest zit, whether you have pinworms, anything that happens in your bathroom or bedroom or emanates from your nose. "We're certainly watching the entire culture shifting." Allison and her friends have become web celebrities by revealing too much, and they're gaining a foothold in mainstream media – Allison is often tapped for commentary by CNN, NBC and Fox, and has written for the , and topics Carrie and her pals would have loved, like Crying During Sex.

The life and death of your latest zit, whether you have pinworms, anything that happens in your bathroom or bedroom or emanates from your nose. That's not a bad thing, say those who helped create a culture of oversharing."It's absolutely a moving target," says Julia Allison, 28, one of three similarly aged women who chatter about orgasms and fashion in videos posted at

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