Is postdating a check illegal

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This means that if the drawers of postdated checks know that they will be receiving deposits on a certain date, then they can ensure that the deposits will be in their checking accounts prior to the drawing of the postdated checks.

Generally, a bank may cash your check when they receive it, even if your check is paid before the date you wrote on the check.

Postdated checks are perfectly legal, as long as they are not being used for illegal purposes.

For instance, a postdated check cannot be used with the intent to prevent any money from being drawn from a checking account by receiving whatever goods the drawer buys from the payee with the postdated check and then canceling the check before it can be drawn by the payee.

In most instances this would mean you would have to: If you suffered losses because your bank cashed the check, despite you giving reasonable notice, then you should speak with an attorney to discuss your rights and remedies.

If you choose to accept a postdated check, you run the risk that the person who wrote the check could close their account before you deposit the check, or that their account will not have sufficient funds when you deposit the check.

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