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Use of the prisoner description sheets is restricted due to their fragile condition. Bridgerford, Roy Bridges (Colored), Peter Briedis, H. Brien, John Brien, Eddie Briese, Albert Briggs, Claud Briggs, Earl Briggs, Ira D. An archivist can search these sheets and provide the researcher with a receival date at the prison. Briggs, William Briggs, Leo Brindle, William Brindle, Frank Brinegar, Dillard Briner, G. Bringhurst, Gerald Brings, Charles Brinkley, Lucian Brinkley, E.

The commissioners had "full and exclusive control over all the territorial prison grounds, buildings, prisoners, prison labor, prison property and all other things belonging or pertaining to said prison," and established "rules, regulations and by-laws" to govern the prison. An 1893 law removed prisoners from the commissioners' control, empowered the Board to appoint the warden, and established the Board as consisting of the governor, the secretary of state, and the attorney general, with two members constituting a quorum.

In 1955 the Board's jurisdiction over paroles and suspended sentences was delegated to the State Board of Pardons.

Legislation establishing the Board of State Prison Commissioners was not included in the 1972 constitution; the Board was formally abolished in 1974.

The outgoing correspondence (1909-1921) of Conley and Mc Tague pertains to inmates (paroles, pardons, behavior, time served, restoration to citizenship, escapes, work camps, sale of goods produced by prisoners, etc.), supplies, prison employment, penology, personal business of Conley and Mc Tague, etc.

The financial records (1893-1963) include cash books, general ledgers, journals, prisoner accounts with Deer Lodge and prison stores, voucher registers, etc. Barnett, Fred Barnhard, Joe Barnhard, Charles Barnhart, Calvert Barnhisel, Roy Barnes, Kenneth Barnum Prisoner description cards: Matt Baron, Charles Barr, James Barr, Powell Barr, Robert Barr, W.

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