Intimidating shout spell

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You should get the amount that you feel comfortable with.

Gear: No specific stat priority is going to be right for every person or every encounter and you should pick yours based on your team mates and what you are going to be doing.

The more experience Warriors are probably already familiar with this trick, but most newer ones seem to have a tendency to get tunnel vision on a single target.

You should save your Heroic Fury and Intercept for when your target is close to death, then Intercept the healer Intercept your target for effectively locking both players down for four seconds.

Some go after expertise, some have as little as possible. It reduces the amount of damage you take from players.

Again priorities and the amount of Resilience appear to vary widely.

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I suggest you use your local neighborhood Wowhead and track down the enchants and gems you desire for your particular build.

This can be also used on the healer (should he/she be your main target).

Heroic Leap "Fix" [May, or may not work on Molten] With the buggy Heroic Leap path finding as it is now, this trick can be life-saving; if you are falling (= fall 1.5x your normal jump height) the ability ignores completely all pathing and lets you jump. Posted 30 March 2012 - PM You need to get hc gurthalak like i did, then we're completely fine. If you've got Glyph of Revenge, use Heroic Strike after a successful Revenge.

Spec/Talentss This spec is a general all-in-all good spec for most situations (from ranked arenas).

Below, I will explain the reasons you should take/leave certain talents, and also describe a few variations.

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