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For less than , you can buy a new trim kit for your bathtub.You might be surprised how much nicer it looks with a new nozzle and handles for the hot, cold, and shower settings.They have the added bonus of fitting in small bathrooms, like a half-bath or powder room.New accessories go a long way toward updating the look of a bathroom, but the best way to really give the room a new and stylish look is to replace the vanity.Obviously, if you do every single suggestion listed in this post it would add up to quite a bit of money and time. Most of these suggestions are things that my husband and I have done to our own home.

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A couple of small, framed photographs or paintings can lend a familiar and warm air to the room.

In the same price range, you can update the handles on your vanity cabinets and drawers, or get new handles and maybe even a faucet for your sink.

That means you could update just about all of your bathroom fittings and accessories for under 0.

After you’ve done all of the remodeling you plan on, go ahead and buy a new set of towels that match the updated look of the powder room.

The towels will draw everything together, and you’ll be proud to show off your work.

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