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It is an established scientific fact that life cannot originate from non-living matter (the Law of Biogenesis). The Miller-Urey experiment, still shown in many current textbooks, has been proven to be irrelevant. Mendel's Laws of Genetics limit the variations in a species.

No scientist has ever advanced a testable procedure by which this could occur.

These relationships must also be simultaneously existent. The most complex phenomena known to science are found in living systems.

Detailed studies of various animals have also revealed physical equipment and capabilities that cannot even be copied by the world's best designers using the most sophisticated technologies.

A random change in the highly integrated system of chemical processes which constitute life is almost certain to impair it - just as the random interchange of connections in a television set is not likely to improve the picture." James F.

Our pumpkin cheesecake is light (in texture) and rich at the same time.

More than 90 years of fruit fly experiments, involving 3,000 successive generations, give absolutely no basis for believing that any natural or artificial process can cause an increase in complexity and viability.

"A mutation is a random change of a highly organized, reasonably smoothly functioning living body.

If evolution occurred, one should find many forms of life with 2 to 20 cells as transitional forms between one-celled and many-celled organisms. As an embryo develops, it does not repeat an evolutionary sequence.

Although it is widely known that Ernst Haeckel, who popularized this belief, deliberately falsified his drawings, they are still used in current biology textbooks. No verified form of extraterrestrial life of any kind has ever been observed. It is now acknowledged that "Piltdown man" was a hoax; the only evidence for "Nebraska man" turned out to be a pig's tooth; Eugene Bubois conceded forty years after he discovered "Java man" that it was just a large gibbon; the skulls of "Peking man" are now considered by many to be the remains of apes; the classification Homo erectus is considered by most experts to be a category that should never have been created. The earth's sedimentary layers were deposited rapidly, not slowly over millions of years. The existence of fossils dictates a sudden deposition of sediments.

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