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The only possible answer for their existence is "intelligent design". It is impossible to conceive of an evolutionary process that results in sexual reproduction.

Complementary male and female systems must have completely and independently evolved at each stage at the exact same time and place.

Examples include the miniature and reliable sonar systems of dolphins, porpoises and whales; the frequency-modulated radar and discrimination system of bats; the aerodynamic capabilities and efficiency of the hummingbird; the control systems, internal ballistics and combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle; the precise and redundant navigational system of the arctic tern; and the self-repair capabilities of practically all forms of life.

All evidence points to "intelligent design," not random processes. All living species are fully developed, and their organs are fully developed.

These relationships must also be simultaneously existent. The most complex phenomena known to science are found in living systems.

Detailed studies of various animals have also revealed physical equipment and capabilities that cannot even be copied by the world's best designers using the most sophisticated technologies.

There is no direct evidence that any major group of animals or plants arose from any other major group. Created kind are only observed going into extinction, never coming into existence. The fossil record contains no transitional forms of animals, only extinct forms. In the earliest part of the fossil record (generally the Cambrian sedimentary layer), life appears suddenly, complex, diversified and fully developed. If one member of each interdependent group evolved first, it could not have survived.

The fossil record has been studied so thoroughly that it is safe to conclude that the alleged "gaps" or "missing links" will never be found. Since all members of these groups have survived, they must have come into existence simultaneously.

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