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If you are feeling uncomfortable during small talk, refrain from speaking if not sure, don’t get inspired by old and exhausted ideas, or if you feel more comfortable with ideas than execution, people tend to characterize you as socially awkward.

When the blond jokes start popping up in your head, it is time to start wondering what you are doing. They can talk about anything, Are filled with wonder, are interested in most everything. Stunned, I was able to access my feelings instead of just running the ego-script.

This can turn into a day-to-day struggle to finish your tasks.

Additionally, in most cases, your boss isn’t so sympathetic to your longings and just wants the job done.

people regard highly intelligent people as super humans who have it all figured out simply because their brains can help them in any life situation and they don’t have to struggle with the problems of the ordinary people.

Yet, the reality is quite different, as no matter how intelligent someone may be, they are, at the end of the day, just human.

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