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A side door near the exit from the Southside Gate to Drawbridge Way has a path that goes over a canal lock to a Weeper inhabited room with a charm.Use the top of the raised lock to get the height you need to Blink to the room.Favors are small purchases that involve changes to the mission itself, usually in the form of help.This can be anything from a rune being placed in a certain location to a safe code being left behind, or strategic objects being placed. The first, a safe code, should be well worth the 125 gold as the safe not only contains one means of access to the Slaughterhouse, but several items that include a blueprint.See Step 1 below to start flirting smartly and respectfully.Dunwall Distillery; Get past the front yard and explore the rafters in the casket room.

=== Bone Charm 022 === Daud himself carries a charm.

Upon entering the Gateway Tunnel map after exiting Daud's base (in Central Rudshore), turn right. After resolving Granny Rags' and Slackjaw's dilemma, go past an encampment of neutral survivors (Low Chaos) or Weepers (High Chaos) and dislodge a small colony of River Krusts.

The charm is on the rowboat in the muck, surrounded by a pack of rats. Upon entering this map, there is a charm in the corner building. Locked in a safe near the area where you find the Sewer Key. The charm is lying just past a sewer grate on a board with some mana potions near the Krust colony.

Shed is near the extraction point and can be opened using the valve wheel or by skilled platforming (and blinking) through the open window in the building's back.

The room occupied by one of three of Daud's assassins waiting for Corvo above the Distillery entrance; take out the assassin on the mid-level, then the top-level; the charm is in the top-most room's storage closet.

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