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❤️ you @tallblock_sfv.'Barker and Moakler - who have two children together - were both arrested in Los Angeles before the holidays for threatening to kill each other, TMZ reported.The arrest only became known after paper work was released in January.Juliet Graham‘s time in adult films was short but memorable.A statuesque blonde, she appeared in notable films like ‘The Story of Joanna‘ (1975), ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ (1976), and the elusive ‘The Ganja Express‘ (1978) – and dated two early industry regulars, Jamie Gillis and Ashley Moore.These people were successful in their war against the mediocre. Nowadays looking back, I think Rand was a little naïve and didactic, but I still have a lot of fondness for her.Despite the fact that I’d been rejected by my classmates for years, something strange happened in my mid-teens. And not just with the boys either – I seemed to be popular with everybody.And then, as many fans often lament in relation to their favorite adult film stars, she disappeared. She is one of the few stars from the business in the 1970s who stayed in New York, where she still lives.So what does she remember about that heady period in the 1970s when she lived with Jamie Gillis, appeared in some of the more ambitious pornographic films, and then attempted to achieve mainstream success?

The misfits and weirdos were still my real friends. We’d go to a movie, sit in the back row of the balcony, and make out. I thought about it briefly but I didn’t want to go because I’d have to get a new dress and pay for the limo, and I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. Unfortunately, my mother developed early onset Alzheimer’s disease in her 50s. Her mental deterioration was very fast – it only took about three years – but she lived on for almost 20 more years.

As a teenager, I wanted to change this, so I sought out films and plays by myself, and took myself off to see them. I remember thinking, “Those people on screen are good – but no better than I am. And maybe one day I will.” After that, I started auditioning for high school plays, and I was successful – although I was usually left out of the musical theater productions because I didn’t have much of a singing voice. On the one hand, I liked ‘Gone With the Wind’, but I also really got into Ayn Rand.

Her philosophy appealed to me because she depicted a world with people that had integrity.

* When I graduated from high school, I went to Queens College where I studied English Literature with a minor in Education.

I was still living at home, but often I had a big gap between my classes, so I used to hang out in the student gathering building.

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